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Which Print Represents Your Love?


A loving relationship is a beautiful thing, it can also be funny, quirky, cheesy, and sometimes even challenging and hard. When a couple who loves each other goes through each day pushing the other to be better and being an emotional support when it’s needed, that is a truly amazing accomplishment. Whether you and your loved one find romance in the little things or go out of your way to make date night special, your love should be celebrated. At Personal-Prints, our family owned company is founded on love and support of one another. We have created a collection of romantic artwork that we believe shows the unique love that each couple can have. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Street Scene Two

The color red is on full display in this decor print. At first glance, it is a simple street scene, but it has character and passionate nuances that make it a personal scene that just belongs to you and your significant other. A magical part of this image is that it could be anywhere in the world. You may think Paris, a quiet street in Boston, or a simple old brick building in your own home town. Wherever you imagine it to be, the street light is shining on the wet pavement, making a glistening reflection of you and the one you love, holding each other in an intimate embrace. To make the scene stand in place and hold that memory in your mind forever, your names are written on the wall, adding a permanence. Hang this couples wall art in your bedroom or living room so you can always admire that special moment.

The Kiss

If embracing the one you love brings you comfort, this is the ultimate romantic art print for you. A passionate embrace, The Kiss is a timeless painting originally done by Gustav Klimt in 1909. For couples who don’t use words to express how they feel towards each other, this painting has love written all over it. Art historians believe that the painting represents Klimt’s love for this partner, Emilie Flöge. A gentle kiss on the cheek has beautiful details, a golden background, cool yellows, browns, and reds in the clothing, and each person’s hands are clasped on to each other. The masterpiece painting is framed in a white mat board and a dark frame with gold edges to tie the colors together. Personalize the art by adding your names to the print and a date that is special to you.

Evening in Paradise

For the adventurous couple, this romantic print features a bright, warm fire that you can cuddle up to. If you have ever spent an evening on the beach, lingered while you watched the sunset, and waited for the moon to rise over the water, you can hang that memory on your wall with this print. The delicate moonlight reflected in the water with stars flickering in the sky and a bright campfire illuminating the sand, the scene is more than just romantic. Make the scene yours by writing your names in the sand, encircled by a heart. Keep this moment and your love on fire with this beautiful and romantic print.

Live, Laugh, Love

What’s better than a print that represents your love? Making a special photo of yours into a print that represents your love. Choose a favorite photo of you and your loved one and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. This black and white version has the words “Live, Laugh, Love” at the top and you can add your name to the bottom. Our team of artists created a softened edge so your photo can be focused on in the center. By putting your photo on canvas, the memory can last a lifetime.

Love’s Garden

What better way to say I love you than with a poem. A colorful and passionate representation of a line of poetry by Lord Alfred Tennyson, this romantic print will be a beautiful addition to any room in your home. The line, "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever” is a simple statement, but has a powerful meaning. How often do you think about the one you love? Can you imagine how big your garden would be if you had a flower for every thought? With bright reds and cool yellows, this print shows a never ending garden that represents your never ending love.

Love Letters

This print has five beautiful images in one - a simple black and white background of a grassy field and two birds flying in the air, and four images that spell out the word love. The edge of a frame makes the letter L, an image of a daisy is the letter O, two people holding hands makes the letter V, and three piano keys make the letter E. The simple design has everything you need to show the one you love how much you care about them. With unique images and adding your names to the bottom of the print, it’s a perfect celebration of your love.

These are a few of our favorite pieces of romantic artwork because they are simple, yet passionate and full of tender love. Shop through our collection of romantic prints and find the one that represents your unique love. With each print, your love can be celebrated and recognized every day.

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