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Personalized Nature Prints | The 12 Days of Printsmas

All of us know someone who simply can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Maybe that’s you and your partner, or perhaps you have a close friend who lives in a tent almost as much as they live in their own home. No matter who you’re shopping for, it’s undeniably difficult to find a gift that captures the beauty and magnificence of the great outdoors.

We’ve spent the last six days helping you find gift ideas for everyone on your list, and today’s Printsmas theme focuses on backpackers, hikers, adventurers, and anyone else with a deep and profound appreciation for nature.

Pack your bags and get ready to hit the trail with us, and don’t forget to visit the Personal-Prints catalog when you’re ready to personalize a few gifts that are off the beaten path!

Three Nature-Themed Personalized Art Prints

Nature Wilderness Name Art

Most of us have spent more time indoors this year than ever before, so it’s completely understandable that everyone on your list is craving a reminder of fresh air and the great outdoors. Our Nature Wilderness Name Art print features a colorful alphabet created using elements of nature from across the planet. Once you’ve found the perfect way to spell out the recipient’s name, you can choose from four beautiful backgrounds that bring the whole piece together.

Camping & Outdoors Name Art

Are you shopping for someone who would spend every night in a tent if they had the option? You might not have the ability to make that dream come true for them this holiday season, but you can give them a reminder of their favorite pastime when you personalize the Camping & Outdoors Name Art print. This piece features an alphabet collected from Colorado, Arizona, Moab, and Zion National Park, as well as camping gear and the most essential part of any trip — s’mores. Choose from one of four stunning backgrounds for a camping-inspired print they’re sure to love!

Home Is Where You Set Up Camp

No matter where you are, home is anywhere that you’re surrounded by the right people. If you and your partner love traveling together and getting out into nature for regular camping trips, personalize this piece with your names and hang it as a daily reminder that your next adventure is just around the corner.

Come Back Tomorrow for the Eighth Day of Printsmas!

Thanks for taking the time to hit the trail with us! We hope that you’re enjoying our Printsmas celebration as much as we are.

We’re taking tomorrow to rest, relax, and have a drink — be sure to come back to our blog and check our YouTube channel as we discuss a few prints for beer, wine, and coffee lovers. And if you’re just now joining the Printsmas festivities, we recommend checking out the posts below for more great gift ideas and inspiration!

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