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Personalized Prints for Musicians | The 12 Days of Printsmas

It’s the sixth day of Printsmas! We’re celebrating our love of art and taking the stress out of your holiday shopping by taking you on a guided tour of everything we have to offer. The first five days of Printsmas have included gift ideas for firearms enthusiasts, hunters, sports fans, beach lovers, and romantic partners. For the sixth day, we’re turning up the volume and turning our attention toward musically inspired gifts you can give to the musicians in your life.

Watch the video below to see these prints for yourself, and visit our catalog if you’re tired of fretting over this year’s shopping list!

Three Musically Inspired Pieces of Personalized Art

Music Letters Name Art

The Music Letters Name Art print is a great choice for anyone who’s passionate about playing an instrument. It features an alphabet created with sheet music and variations on each letter. The nine different background options feature everything from classic pianos and woodwind instruments to brass, guitars, and a violin, allowing you to perfectly tailor the piece to the recipient’s interests. This piece has nothing but five-star reviews and has been reviewed by musicians across the country — visit the product page to learn more!

Music of Love

Does your significant other play an instrument? Does a shared love of music bring you closer together? Music of Love is the perfect gift! This piece features classic French sheet music along with a heart created using a bass and a treble clef. At the bottom of the print, your names and anniversary date are printed along with the text, “Composing life together since…” This piece is available framed under glass or as a beautiful canvas print, allowing you to personalize the piece even further and tell the recipient how much you care.

Musical Instrument Patent Art

Are you shopping for someone who loves learning about music history? If so, we can’t recommend our Musical Instrument Patent Art prints more highly. These prints are based on the original patent designs of some of the biggest names in the music industry and can be purchased individually or in themed sets. These pieces feature designs from Fender, Gibson, the original grand piano, and so much more!

Celebrate the Seventh Day of Printsmas Tomorrow!

Whether you’re shopping for a teacher, partner, or gifted player, we hope that today’s post will take the stress out of shopping for the musicians in your life.

Our Printsmas celebration is halfway over, but the best is still yet to come! If you’re just now joining the celebration, be sure to catch up on the last five days. You can read the posts below for additional information, or you can follow the Personal-Prints YouTube channel and watch the 12 Days of Printsmas playlist for daily updates!

If you’re ready to dance your way to a completed shopping list with unique gifts for everyone in your life, head over to the Personal-Prints catalog!

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