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Purple Wall Decor For Your Home

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I, who ruled the United Kingdom from 1558 to 1603, forbade anyone from wearing purple aside from the royal family? This mandate, called the Sumptuary Laws, governed what colors, fabrics, and clothing types common people could wear.

It wasn’t just in England, either. In ancient Rome, the aristocracy worse togas of deep purple; the Old Testament mentions purple in the Book of Exodus; and, it’s even rumored that emperor Caligula murdered the King of Mauretania for his brilliant purple cloak.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter uses purple as a sign of magic, and Merlin is often depicted in purple, shimmering garb.

In fact, purple was so prized because it was so difficult to acquire. Its hue followed the basic principles of supply and demand, and Tyrian purple (as it was called) had to be extracted from a rare species of sea mollusk.

Have we gotten the point across, yet? Purple has history as rich and mystical as its color profile.

Decorating With Purple

Purple is a go-to color for home decoration because it combines the cooling qualities of blue with the energetic ones of red. It’s a fascinating color because it’s not actually on the visible light spectrum (whereas violet is). Purple doesn’t have its own wavelength of light; instead, it’s a non-spectral color that exists in art and culture, but not actually in optics.

Purple has an uncanny way of lighting up a dark room and calming down a boisterous one. For this reason, Personal-Prints has an entire collection dedicated to purple-inspired personalized wall art. We’ve highlighted our favorite purple prints below. Take a look and order online today!

First Snow

This lovely piece of personalized art features two whitetail deer making prints in the first snow of the season. A delicate, lavender-esque purple paints the rising sky in the background. If you’ve ever beheld the beauty of dawn on the first snow of the year, this personalized art captures the magic.

You can personalize this canvas by adding your name to the mailbox depicted in the foreground.

Order First Snow online today from Personal-Prints!

Snowboard Name Art Print

Sticking with the snow theme, Snowboard Name Art Print is a must-have personalized canvas for any shredder.

This personalized winter art captures the serenity of an early morning on the mountain, well before the lifts have started to run. It’s a morning alone, skinning up a mountain to earn those first turns. While purple doesn’t take front and center in this artwork, purple hues underscore the early-morning snow and sky.

See how your customized name will look with our Snowboard Name Art Print today!

1980s Personalized Action Sign

This 1980s-inspired wall art is like Battlestar Galactica meets David Bowie. If you’re looking for fun, vibrant wall art that’ll add dimension and character to a space, look no further.

With neon images of eagles and tigers rocking aviator sunglasses, this personalized art is eclectic. It features a vibrant, bright purple, so it might be better for a game room or basement rather than hanging over the family room mantle.

Stars Aligned

Have you ever referred to the love you share with someone as “out of the world?” Or, perhaps the Stars Aligned when you were lucky enough to meet.

For those couples who love each other to the moon and back, this personalized print is a unique and artistic way to express that love. With images of constellations meeting in a night sky, Stars Align features purples, blues, and blacks to create an outer space aesthetic.

Surprise your partner today by ordering this personalized wall art!

Other Color Collections

If purple isn’t your thing, we also have other color-themed collections to explore. Browse online today and find perfect paintings for these color families:

Personal-Prints also organizes our extensive collection based on sports, hobbies, gift-giving occasions, and much more. Browse the entire collection and order online today!

About Personal-Prints

Personal-Prints is a family-owned business that specializes in creating unique wall art for the home. We’re committed to providing uniquely personalized art that everyone can enjoy.

Shop online today to find the personalized art that’s just right for you.

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