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Red Wall Decor For Your Home

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Just because the holiday season is over, it doesn’t mean you have to remove everything that has the slightest bit of red in it from your home. This is the season of love, which is the perfect time to break out all of the red. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, whether you have a significant other or not, make this a day that will be special for you. With deep, bright, bold reds in your home, it will be easy to feel passion for life, not just love. We’ve shared with you our favorite personalized name art prints for Valentine’s Day, but we’d also like to help out decorate your home with some beautiful red prints. Or if you’re looking for a special gift, these will make quite an impression.

Personalized Name ArtHeart Strings

The perfect combination of artistic expression, passion, and of course, red, Heart Strings uses fluid brush strokes to create a personalized name art design that is full of symbolism. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, this is another excellent choice. The artist, Scott Kennedy, used a variety of mediums in the original painting, including oil paint, inks, colored pencils, and pastels to create this print. Several hand-written lines of text create strings that hold up a bold red heart. The lines read, “Forever led by hope...Committed as one for truth...Wrapped together in grace...Intertwined in God for the journey...Pure in devotion...Always seeking the highest of good...Unmoved in Loyalty." Not only is this piece a great red addition to your home, it is full of love, making it perfect for this love-filled season.

Personalized Name ArtVintage Racer

If you want a pop of deep red on your walls, but want to shy away from anything meant specifically for Valentine’s Day, this Vintage Racer design is perfect for anyone who loves vintage cars, or at least driving fast. Hang this up in an office, game room, or even in a finished garage for an elegant and unique look. The soft gray background, the deep black in the details of the car, and fun lines along the car give the piece a balanced look that everyone can enjoy all year round.

Personalized Name ArtPersonalized Street Cafe

What better place to imagine yourself having a cup of coffee or an evening chat with a friend than a streetside cafe with quiet tables and a twinkle of a bike’s bell in the distance? This scene has an overall red hue that you can see in the cafe’s sign and in the bark of a tree, which has a red tone from light bouncing off of two red umbrellas. Whether you stop for a moment at one of the tables, or if you keep on walking by, this scene can give your home a quiet and romantic feeling. However you want to engage yourself in the scene, it can always be yours. The personalized name art design can feature your name as the name of the cafe.

Personalized Name ArtForest of Beech Trees

Based on Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece, this print actually isn’t focused on the color red. The first color you may notice is shades of blue in the bark of the beech trees, but the second colors you’ll notice are shades of red and orange in the leaves on the ground. Using a somewhat pointillism technique, the ground is made up of reds, oranges, greens, and blues that give the piece a beautiful contrast. If you’re looking for a personalized name art gift, and aren’t sure of the receiver’s home decor, you can’t go wrong with this piece. To personalize the art, you can add a pair of initials to the print that are “carved” into a heart on a tree.

If you want to join in the festivities of Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to go overboard, add a touch of red to your home with beautiful and thoughtful personalized name art designs. Whether the art is for yourself, a significant other, or a “just because” gift, you can find the perfect choice at Personal-Prints. Our wide selection of art is great for year round decorating, or for those months where you need an excuse to update the look in your home — and February is the perfect time to refresh your home with red.

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