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Summer Theme Decorations

While summer doesn’t officially start until the Summer Solstice on June 21st, it’s already beginning to feel a lot like summer.

You’ve started to don your white pants that have otherwise been sitting in your closet all spring; you’ve already hosted a few outdoor cookouts; and, your kids are already nagging you to cure their out-of-school boredom.

At Personal-Prints, we absolutely love painting summertime scenes. Not only are the colors bright, but the scenes also depict our favorite summer activities. To point you in the right direction when it comes to sprucing up your home for summer, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite summer scenes below.

Island Dreams

Really, any piece of personalized art from our Beach House collection would fit the bill for summer-themed art. “Island Dreams,” however, is one of our absolute favorites. It depicts a scene straight out of paradise — a hammock resting between two shady palm dreams with a calm ocean rippling in the distance. In the foreground, a heart traced into the sand features whatever customized name you would like.

This personalized art is well-suited for a beach house, but it can also add a splash of paradise to any home. Customers who left Personal-Prints reviews said that they’ve hung Island Dreams in their bedroom, family rooms, mobile homes, or have given it as a gift.

Coastal Beach Name Art

One of our all-time best sellers, Coastal Beach Name Art also showcases a beach theme. In this personalized print, your last name (or whatever text you’d like!) takes front and center. Photographs related to the beach, such as shells and waves, comprise the letters of your name, so you get a beautifully personalized beach scene.

With options available for a block mount or framed canvas in varying sizes, this personalized art product is truly customizable. When you browse online, you can type in whatever text you’d like to see how it will look on the finished product.

Fishing Letter Name Art

If you, any family member, or a close friend loves to fish, Fishing Letter Name Art is an excellent summer-themed choice. As with all of our name art prints, you can customize this personalized art to feature whatever name you would like. Each letter of the text features fishing photographs, such as hooks, boats, lines, and sinkers.

If you love to get out on the water during the summer, check out this amazing print from Personal-Prints. Plus, we have a fly fishing option if that’s your activity of choice!

Good Beer Great Friends

Summer is practically synonymous with drinking good beer with great friends. Summertime pool parties, cookouts, and festivals inspired this personalized print, “Good Beer Great Friends.” If you have an outdoor patio in need of decoration, a basement “man cave,” or any area for social gathering, we recommend this fun personalized print.

Baseball Name Art Print

If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, then summer is America’s favorite season. There’s nothing quite like taking the family to a local baseball game, buying peanuts and cracker jacks, and enjoying nine innings of an amazing sport.

For the families that love baseball, we recommend the Baseball Name Art Print from Personal-Prints. You can feature whatever text you’d like — usually last names for a family piece and first names for a gift — and baseball photographs create the letters of the name.

Browse this personalized art and other prints like it to add summertime spirit into your home. At Personal-Prints, we believe that every season is an excuse to redecorate. Summer, however, has a special place for us because it’s just made to be celebrated.

Celebrate summer today with personalized art from Personal-Prints!

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