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Wedding Gift Guide: Reasons to Buy Personalized Art

Weddings can be really easy occasions when it comes to gift giving. After all, if you look at the couple’s registry, you can just shop off of a list they hand-selected. You don’t need to worry about personal taste or practicality when it comes to shopping a registry.

However, there are distinct benefits to going against the grain and shopping outside of the registry box. We’re not saying to go totally rogue — in fact, some of the best wedding gift presents come in two parts: something from the registry and something much more personalized.

This wedding season, consider the gift of personalized art as that “something else” beyond the registry for a uniquely personalized wedding gift.

If you’re not sold on the idea of getting something the couple didn’t explicitly ask for, consider the benefits of personalized art as a wedding gift below.

1. Personalized Art is More Thoughtful

It takes about two clicks to choose something from a registry. Is it available? Is it within your budget? Order.

When you shop for personalized art, however, you really put thought into what you’re getting the couple. Does the canvas print relate to one of the activities they enjoy? Does the background showcase the couple’s favorite landscapes?

Instead of sifting through an entire collection of personalized art available, check out exclusive wedding gift personalized art collection from Personal-Prints!

2. Personalized Art Lasts Forever

That set of porcelain dishware the couple put on their registry? Two of the plates will break within a year. That ambiguous “honeymoon fund” to which you can donate money? It’ll pay for one ocean-side cocktail in Bora Bora.

Personalized art, however, truly does last a lifetime. It can be a staple of the couple’s starter home and still be prominently displayed when they downsize years later.

At Personal-Prints, we frame all of our canvas prints in house using acid-free materials and UV-shielding glass. If you opt to do your own framing, we still coat each canvas with a protective varnish.

3. You Can Add a Personalized Message

When you order a unique print from Personal-Prints, you have the option of adding a custom name or message to your print. This means that you can put the couple’s names, last name, wedding date, a quote from a favorite poem or scripture, or any other personalized touch!

For a print that focuses on the couple’s names and wedding date, check out the Love Letters print or the Fine Wine canvas print.

If you wanted to keep it more simple, then you don’t necessarily need to add any prominent text. Our Island Getaway, for instance, showcases a beautiful island scene with subtle text scrawled into a palm tree.

Unique Gifts from Personal-Prints

This wedding season, give the pair something they’ll be able to cherish for years to come. Long after the china chips and the honeymoon ends, the personalized canvas print will remain as beautiful and unique as the happy couple.

Browse our wedding collection today, and order online from Personal-Prints!

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