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Wall Collage Design Tips

For this week’s blog, I wanted to invite you to explore a fun idea for personalized wall decor – Photo collages mixed with a piece of personalized art. Collages can fill up any amount of wall space and give a personal flair to your décor scheme.

If you peruse Pinterest for a few minutes, you are bound to see pictures with cute photo arrangements. Some look fairly easy, and some would require a full time home decorator. Some have simple designs while others look like the remnants of a photo book explosion.

This blog is aimed at giving you everything you need to create a few simple and crafty designs. I’ve also made it easy, where you can upload your photos and receive ready to hang prints directly from Personal-Prints. Use coupon code PHOTOBLOG and you can even get 30% off.

With collages, you can accomplish anything your heART desires. You can get creative and make any design you want, but I have included a few of my favorites below:

For the master bedroom, I recommend a simply elegant heart design. Everything from the layout to the pictures highlights love.

Large Size (regularly $453.90, sale price $317.73):
The finished design is roughly 56” wide and 52” tall.
* Nineteen 6”x8” (twelve landscape and seven vertical)
* Two 11”x14” (both landscape)
* One 16”x20” block mount Love & Life

Small Size (regularly $209.95, sale price $146.68):
The finished design is roughly 37” wide and 32” tall.
* Seven 6”x8” (four landscape and three vertical)
* One 11”x14” (landscape)
* One 11”x14” block mount Love & Life

For a large wall space (regularly $409.05, sale price $286.34), below is the design for a collage I have hanging in my living room. This is a nice display because there are enough pictures to include both immediate and extended family. It is finished at about 58” wide and 42” tall.

For this design you need:
* Sixteen 6”x8” (11 vertical and 5 landscape)
* Two 11”x14” (1 landscape and 1 vertical)
* One 16”x20” block mount FAMILY

For a medium sized wall space (regularly $249.45, sale price $174.62), I have the design below hanging in my office. It is finished at roughly 40” wide and 34” tall.

For this design you need:
* Ten 6”x8” (6 vertical and 4 landscape)
* One 16”x20” block mount Home is Where the Heart Is

Once you have your design and pictures picked out, just go to the photo page on Personal-Prints, pick the sizes you want and upload your photos! Don’t forget to use coupon code PHOTOBLOG for 30% off.

Since the finished art pieces are standard sized, you can easily update with new photos. For example, my wife and I will be welcoming our third son into the world in a few weeks, so we will want some photos with him!

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