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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Newborns

baby and bear

Ah, the holiday season— a time when joy, love, and togetherness fill the air. It's that magical time of year when every moment sparkles with promise and delight.

But can any Christmas be more special than a newborn's first? Every coo and gurgle, every tiny yawn and stretch become priceless memories for the new parents that will be cherished forever. Now, imagine making this milestone even more exciting with the perfect Christmas gift for the newest addition to your family.

This blog post is all about giving you a hand-picked selection of the very best baby gifts for the Christmas season. Each idea has been chosen to bring a twinkle to your little one's eyes and make your baby's first Christmas truly memorable.

1. Personalized Photos

Personalized photos are more than just images—they're tangible memories that capture those precious early moments of your newborn's life. These are keepsakes that you will cherish for years to come, and they may turn out to be the best Christmas gift for your newborn.

You can commission a professional photo shoot or create a DIY session at home with your little one and capture their first yawns, smiles, and even those adorable little pouts. 

Then, you can then make those moments last forever by transforming them into beautiful canvas prints, photo books, or even photo ornaments for your Christmas tree.

This personalized newborn gift isn't just for you; as your child grows older, these photos become a priceless visual record of their magical first Christmas.

teething baby

2. Teething Toys

Teething toys are the perfect Christmas gifts for babies who are starting to cut their first teeth. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures that help soothe sore gums and also provide hours of entertainment for your little one.

Look for teethers made from natural rubber or silicone that are soft to the touch, as well as those with built-in rattles or musical features. Some popular choices include teething rings, rattles, and even some chewable books that are designed especially for babies learning to explore their world teeth-first!

3. Baby Bath Time Gifts

A baby bath time set is a practical and fun gift for Christmas—it's something that will get used every day and can make bath time so much more enjoyable for both you and your infant child.

Look for sets with natural, gentle ingredients such as oatmeal or aloe, as well as kits that come with different kinds of body wash, lotions, and creams. This is a great way to pamper your little one while also taking care of their delicate skin.

4. Wall Art

Wall art can add a touch of whimsy and wonder to your newborn's nursery, setting the stage for a magical first Christmas. There is a wide variety of wall art options that can make for an unforgettable Christmas gift for a newborn.

You might opt for a custom name print, which can add a personal touch to your baby's room. Or perhaps you'd prefer adorable animal prints or delicate watercolor paintings that can add warmth and color.

Stretched canvas prints are another great option, offering a three-dimensional touch that can really make the art stand out. And let's not forget about wall decals— they can transform an ordinary wall into a playful panorama.

By choosing themes that stimulate your baby's imagination, you can contribute to an environment of joy and comfort. Remember, the best baby gift is the kind that combines aesthetics with affection.

baby swaddle

5. Cozy Swaddle Sets

Swaddling is a great way to keep your baby warm and secure during the colder months. That's why cozy swaddle sets make the perfect Christmas gifts for newborns—these come with blankets, sleep sacks, and sometimes even hats that will keep your little one snug as a bug in a rug all through winter.

Be sure to look for kits made from organic materials, such as bamboo or cotton; these fibers are soft to the touch and gentle on your newborn's delicate skin.

6. Name Prints

Name prints are a gift that holds a special place in the realm of newborn presents. This unique gift is a beautiful addition to your baby's nursery and creates an ambiance of personalization and intimacy.

The beauty of name prints is that they can be tailored to match any nursery theme—from whimsical woodland creatures to sweet floral designs, the possibilities are endless. This bespoke piece of art, proudly displaying your baby's name, can become a treasured keepsake as your child grows older.

A name print can also serve as a constant reminder of their first Christmas, making it one of the best Christmas gifts for a newborn. The personal touch of a name print is truly incomparable, adding a sweet, meaningful touch to your little one's room.

After all, what could be more special than celebrating your child's unique identity right from their first Christmas?

7. Personalized Nursery Décor

This is another thoughtful baby gift idea for Christmastime that can be treasured for years to come. Nothing says "welcome home" like personalized nursery décor! From custom baby letters to personalized name blocks, the possibilities are endless.

These pieces of art can act as a focal point in your little one's bedroom and can be tailored to match any décor style. From classic and traditional designs to modern and minimalist motifs, personalized nursery décor will proclaim your newborn's arrival like no other gift can.

nursery decor

An added bonus is that these gifts can last long after the Christmas season has passed, providing a sweet reminder of this momentous occasion for many years to come. As the years pass, any piece of customized nursery décor is sure to put a smile on your little one's face, making it one of the greatest Christmas gifts you can give a newborn during the holiday season.

8. Monograms

Monograms have a timeless elegance that make them a classic gift choice when it comes to newborn presents. From baby blankets and onesies to bibs and nursery décor, the addition of a monogram turns an ordinary gift into a personalized keepsake.

Each monogram is unique to the baby, featuring their initials or name in a stylish design. These symbolize not just the thoughtfulness of the giver, but also the cherished identity of the newborn. Monogrammed gifts are versatile and enduring, and this kind of present will be loved and appreciated for years to come.

9. Play Mats

Play mats are a modern take on the traditional baby rattle or teething toy, with built-in entertainment and stimulation for developing minds and bodies. Soft and plush play mats come in all shapes and sizes, featuring bright colors and patterns to engage an infant's senses.

Choose from models with removable toys, such as rattles, mirrors, and squeakers, to give your baby hours of fun and learning. Play mats are also a great way to help babies exercise their motor skills while making tummy time just plain fun!

On top of all that, these mats are both entertaining for little ones and lightweight. Combined with their easy-to-clean nature, play mats make for the perfect Christmas gifts for newborns!

wooden ornament

10. Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Hand-carved or engraved wooden Christmas ornaments lend a festive and enduring charm that's hard to resist. These beautiful trinkets, typically crafted from solid wood, combine the warmth of holiday traditions with a timeless aesthetic, making them one of the best gifts for a new baby on December 25th.

Whether it's a cute rendition of Santa, a playful reindeer, or a delicate snowflake, each wooden ornament holds its own special allure. What truly sets these ornaments apart, though, is their longevity. Ornaments can become heirloom pieces, passed down through generations to keep the memory of your child's first Christmas alive.

Moreover, with the possibility to personalize these ornaments with your baby's name or a sweet message or verse, they become even more special. Imagine years down the line, your grown child hanging their very first Christmas ornament on their own tree.

That's the magic of these wooden keepsakes - they're not just ornaments, they're memories crafted with love and nostalgia. And you'd be hard-pressed to find a better way to celebrate your newborn's first Christmas than with a great gift that will last for years and years.


In conclusion, the perfect Christmas gift for a newborn is one that is thoughtful, personal, and filled with love. Personal Prints offers a range of gifts for newborns and new moms and dads that are sure to make everyone's festive season extra special. Our personalized art and decorative items aren't just presents - they're part of the memories that your family can cherish for years.

Whether you choose to get them a personalized playmat, monogrammed blankets, or a soft swaddle gift set, keep in mind that the main point of these newborn baby gifts is the thought and care they represent.

At Personal Prints, we make sure that all our products are crafted with love so that you can give your baby something special this Christmas season - and for many seasons to come! Merry Christmas!

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